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Meet the new centre manager at the heart of Old George Mall


Arnold Catterall has shared his vision for Salisbury’s historic mall after taking over the reins

Arnold Catterall was recently appointed as the new centre manager atOld George Mall.

The retail operator, who has 22 years’ experience in the industry behind him, arrived at Salisbury’s historic shopping complex at the beginning of the month.

In his first interview since taking up the role, Catterall has spoken about why he left the capital for Salisbury and his ambition for the Old George Mall and the city to realise its massive potential.

On Catterall’s agenda is what improvements can be made to deliver an experiential shopping experience, but he is also looking at ways that the mall can make the most of its space for exciting and dynamic initiatives and events, following the success ofTiny the Dinosaur’s visitat the end of May.

“Because Old George Mall has been part of Salisbury for such a long time, we strive to future-proof the centre with the addition of exciting retailers, fantastic initiatives and engaging events,” Catterall said.

“We’re progressing on that front and if we can provide the shops and experience that the local community wants then people will continue to come here. It’s a well-visited mall and our aim is to not only continue that trend, but also improve it.”

Old George Mall’s new centre manager has gained further retail operational experience across several high-profile locations, including Camberley, Southampton and East London, during a career that spans 22 years.

So, what is it that makes Salisbury and Old George Mall different?

“Salisbury has got quite a vibrant centre and I was really interested in coming here from East London,” he said.

“With that, it is a very different environment, but it’s one that I had previously enjoyed. The appeal, of course, is that this is a wonderful and historic city that has got so much going for it. I think we have an opportunity to reinvigorate what we have here.

“The Old George Mall is great and I’m looking for the sunlit uplands and I think that is certainly in Salisbury’s sights. It’s a wonderful place to be – winter and summer, we have a great tourist destination as we know and welcome a lot of different cultures and get exposed to so many different experiences. We have got a city to be truly proud of here.”

One of the things that he will be embracing at Old George Mall is theSalisbury Business Improvement District (BID): “The biggest difference for me is the Salisbury BID, which was recently re-voted for and using that will be beneficial, not just for the city, but for all the people in it. This together with the Local Authorities and Enterprise Partnerships who are working hard to make Salisbury resilient and meet future challenges makes for a great future.

“If we can present the best face of Salisbury, that will certainly help everyone, including us here at Old George Mall. We will be working with all the city stakeholders, but also strive to be a shining example within them.”