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As a Full Time Sales Adviser you are the heartbeat of Stormfront.

Working at Stormfront
We love all things Apple. Helping our customers discover which Mac, iPhone, Watch or iPad is right for them is our passion. We get to show off the coolest items everyday to thousands of people.

We teach customers new skills to help get the most from their new device and, should things go wrong, we will always try our best to get the device repaired and back to the customer as soon as we can.

Stormfront is the UK's largest Apple Premium Reseller. A distinguished accreditation from Apple which means we are recognised to offer a fantastic customer focused environment in which people can get their hands on the full range of Apple products.

Our staff are true believers in offering a fantastic service, backed up by a depth of knowledge and understanding of Apple products that can really enrich people's lives.

If this sounds like a place you would like to work, and you can demonstrate your passion, knowledge, and determination, then we would like to hear from you.

Job Summary

You will cultivate a friendly environment, greeting every customer as you would wish to be greeted. You excel at meeting every customer's needs and enjoy providing tailor-made advice and support to who will soon become your loyal customers.

You will occupy the enviable position of being the first to learn about new Apple products and initiatives and the excitement will drive you to share knowledge with your team members and customers alike. You will be extremely driven to exceed performance goals and will whilst demonstrating your personal ethos of ‘no limits’. Above all else you will ensure that every customer has a fantastic experience when they walk into your store.

Key Qualifications

You will be warm, friendly, and engaging with a unique ability to connect on a personal level with a wide variety of customers to your store. Your great communication skills and confidence enable you to be just as at home with presenting to a small group of people as with an individual customer.

Naturally, you will possess a deep-rooted passion for technology, particularly Apple products, and a genuine enthusiasm to learn about new products and features.


Operating at the core of our business, you provide customers with their first impression of Stormfront, Apple and your own store. You will utilise your exceptional listening skills and guide the customer through our Sales Process; identifying, selecting, purchasing, education, reinforcing and support.

Your role will be diverse and not just restricted to customer interaction. As an ambitious individual you will welcome opportunities to gain knowledge regarding visual merchandising, product and service knowledge as well as opportunities to learn and improve sales techniques. With opportunities to further your career, your success will not only be measured by individual productivity, and overall store performance but also by your attitude.

Additional Requirements

Passionate about Apple and excited to share it with others
Warm, friendly and able to engage with our customers
Great sales person with strong people and communication skills
Approachable, empathetic, with an ability to listen carefully
Team player who can think on your feet
Presentable, enthusiastic and friendly
Flexible with schedules as hours will be based on business needs

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