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Whether it’s dark, white or milk chocolate that tickles your fancy, the options are endless with these plastic moulds that come in two separates sizes, so you can mix and match your designs, or plan for different occasions. When it comes to Eastertime, you can have baskets of mini chocolate eggs ready for any keen treasure hunters, or lovingly created full-sized beauties for an extra special gift.
And it’s not just chocolate that can go into the making - you can incorporate your recipient’s favourite treats for extra personalisation. Whether you add a handful of sweets to the glaze before it sets, or dust with gold or silver lustre as a finishing touch, your loved ones will be thrilled with your efforts. You could also fill the eggs with surprises or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even pipe on the recipient’s name or a message, for the best way to say Happy Easter.

Make your own Easter Eggs with Lakeland