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A roaring success for Tiny the Dinosaur at Old George Mall


Hundreds of local families and children turned out during half-term to welcome Tiny the Dinosaur on a Friday afternoon to remember at Old George Mall.

The 125 million-years-young stunning Stegosaurus, which has been brought to life by the wonders of modern science, transported the Jurassic creature right to the heart of the Salisbury shopping centre and delivered three stunning, interactive, performances alongside a palaeontologist.

The fun did not stop there either, as children had the opportunity to take part in several prehistoric-themed activities, including mask and wall colouring and a dinosaur hunt, the latter which resulted in children being recognised with certificates as Official Dinosaur Hunters.

On a day that came with extra bite, several of Old George Mall’s retailers joined the celebrations. Byron Burgers provided discounts on its one-off ‘Choco-saurus Rex’ shake and dinosaur burgers, including the incredibly popular B-Rex, while Lakeland gave away specially-crafted biscuits. 

Following its success, Andrew Philip, interim centre manager at Old George Mall, said: “We’re delighted with how Tiny the Dinosaur’s visit was received by the local community – not just with the children, but the adults too. After all, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to welcome a dinosaur to your town.

“Half-term is always a great chance for the whole family to spend some quality together and we’re thrilled we were able to host something like this, something that is completely different and unique to what you would usually get in Salisbury.

“Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures and, as we saw, are still incredibly popular. There was a real fun element to the day, but I think everyone that attended will have left the Old George Mall on Friday having learned something too.”

VIDEO – Didn’t get chance to see it on Friday? Watch this in-depth video of Tiny the Dinosaur’s visit to Old George Mall (Credit: Brunton Media)

Tiny The Dinosuar 5