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Stormfront are now Select. A next level experience from the same great crew.

Select are your local Apple experts. They offer the full range of Apple products, as well as accessories to suit your every need.

As one of the UK’s largest Apple Authorised Service Providers, Select have 10 years’ experience looking after your Apple device. Whether you purchased from Select, or from another retailer, our Apple Service Experts are on hand to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We also offer our Lifeline support service, which starts at just £10 for 7 days, providing technical support for your Apple device from your local Apple experts in-store and over the phone.

Get to know your Apple device with our fantastic in-store training service, personal trainer. For just £79 you receive unlimited access to our specially designed courses for a whole year.

To make owning your next Apple device as affordable as possible, Select offer a range of finance options allowing you to spread the cost as well as the opportunity to trade-in your old device, to receive money towards the purchase of a new one. What’s more, every Apple device purchased includes a 3-year guarantee, at no extra cost.

Opening hours
Monday10am - 5pm
Tuesday10am - 5pm
Wednesday10am - 5pm
Thursday10am - 5pm
Friday10am - 5pm
Saturday9am - 5pm

Old George Mall Shopping Centre
23b High St

01722 333500
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